Sunday, 20 July 2014

Writing Workshops and Rooftop Bars

Sunset Spree blurred focus

Hello friends, how’s your summer so far?

Toby and I arrived in Berlin two weeks ago, it feels like the biggest, happiest relief ever. WE MADE IT! It feels like everything we want to do is possible here because we are in the right frame of mind. We are relaxed here and know our way around the city and there are lots of lovely friends here to welcome us.

It’s too hot for mountain goats like us to be outside in the blazing summer sun, so we spend our days working on our projects, in the shade. Toby has set up a studio and is writing new music and I have been scribbling in my notebooks and clattering away at my computer keyboard.  It's ace knowing that Berlin is outside for adventures when we've been looking at the page/ screen for too long.

I’m taking part in two creative writing workshops with Sarah PeckThe Writer's Workshop is to help develop your creative writing skills and to understand how to start a writing practice.  Content Strategy for Thought Leaders is a course aimed at developing students ideas through creative writing for a specific purpose, for example writing commercially for a blog, brand or business.  Both courses involve a lot of hard work but it’s a total joy to spend my days learning how to better my wordswomanship!

I’m working with Sarah as her online assistant, and it’s a great opportunity for me to peek behind the scenes to see how a writing workshop comes together.  We’ve had so many interesting and inspiring discussions in the facebook groups, about how to overcome writer’s block, where to find inspiration, and the interesting question of how to know when your writing is any good. I love the feedback and support from other writers in the group and I feel like I’m growing as a writer.
community garden 2

Amongst all the work, we have had a chance to explore some new places in Berlin too.  Last week we had a couple of beers, with our friend Tom, in a bar/ community garden which was the top floor of a multi storey car park! We had to navigate through a really hectic, hellish shopping mall, but the prize was to pop out on top into this blissful concrete garden where people were relaxing in the balmy Berlin afternoon.  The massive space is littered with old three piece suites, reclaimed sofas and comfy armchairs.  On one was a Mama helping her son do his homework, there was another Mama breastfeeding in the sandpit, and plenty of other folk basking in the glorious Berlin sunshine.  By day this place is a community garden and by night a full on rooftop club.  On Sunday we feasted with our friends at a brunch party in Cafe Morgenrot which is run by a vegan punk collective.  There was an amazing buffet of delicious foods where you could eat as much as you wanted and in return you pay what you can afford.

Broken Fingaz railway bridge
Scaffolding graff
pink buildings stormy sky  Die Welt in sky
Rainbow paint drips
Ramones Museum flyers

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